• From Mountaintop Removal

    They're Our Heritage
    Protect Our Mountains
  • 500+ Mountains Destroyed

    Coal Leaves, Cancer Stays
    The Problem
  • The Solution

    Local, Healthy Economy

    Solar Energy in Stanley Heirs Park
  • The Action

    Mountain Women Are Rising

    Growing Our Numbers

    Everyday Appalachian People are Coming Together

    To Move Their Communities Away from an Extraction Economy To An Economy
    That Values People, Land, and Mountain Heritage


    Celebrating Larry Gibson: The Life and Legacy of the Keeper of the Mountains

    “It’s the people who I regard as my reward — the people who have finally had enough, who finally started doing something for themselves. I don’t need no damn plaque to hang on the wall. It’s the people. I will not become submissive to this, and that’s why I do what I do. The bumper stickers all over my damn truck is not just to get attention but to stand up for an example to show people what they should be doing. Fighting back is what they should be doing.”

    Larry's Page

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