5 Stereotypes Of Gay Men

Let’s be honest, the moment we find out someone is gay we put them into this ridiculous category filled with assumptions and stereotypes that we’ve learned from TV, social media and even past experiences. Gay people aren’t the all the same just like straight people differ from one another.

Obviously, there can be similarities between individuals with the same sexual preferences, but that doesn’t mean each gay person you encounter has magically inherited the same “gay” like qualities that you picture in your mind.

Before you say you never stereotype just take a look at these examples and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

1. All Love Shopping:

Spending countless hours running from store to store and trying on numerous pieces of clothing isn’t for everyone, even the men who like other men. Shopping is a hassle to everyone, and unless you have some sort of fashion sense and undying love for style, chances are not every gay guy has this passion for shopping.

Just because numerous gay men have a fashion sense and seem put together doesn’t mean that they are spending every free moment in the nearest Macy’s.

2. All Hate Sports:

No, not all gay men enjoy the constant drama which is reality TV leaving no time being involved in any of the seasonal sports. Gay men do still play sports and even enjoy watching them as well. Guarantee the next time you go to a sporting event there will be many more gay people there than you would think, they’re just in disguise like you, wearing all of their sports jerseys.

3. All Are Promiscuous:

Being promiscuous has nothing to do with someone’s sexual orientation but more of the person they are within. It has to do with morals, values, and standards, not so much which team you’re playing for.

It’s easy to assume that the women in heterosexual relationships are the one’s holding out sexually so why wouldn’t two horny men just have meaningless hookups whenever they’re horny?

4. All Are Flamboyant:

Just because there are very loud and quirky people who happen to be gay does not mean that every gay person will obtain the same, specific characteristics and qualities. The majority of gay men are depicted in that way in so many movies that you’re taken back when you’re introduced to a soft-spoken, introverted gay guy.

5. All Have Style

Since when did being gay automatically mean that they have a fashion sense? I mean it’s definitely a hit or miss in general when it comes to men’s style so it’s a little ridiculous to assume that every gay guy should look like they’re running the runway. That’s a lot of pressure to keep up with the latest designs, trends, and latest looks just to be the part of the gay guy.

Being gay comes in all shapes, sizes, fashion senses and personalities so before you decide to write off a gay guy because he doesn’t fit all of your stereotypes, remember they are people too.

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